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  Future Techniques

  It is possible to read/write to the code of a PE virus, therefore
  polymorphism will continue to exist as part of the virus writers
  repetoire under Win95.  Although, polymorphic routines will 
  change slightly to produce 32 bit code.

  The PE executable has a weakness due to the numerous relocations
  inside it.  It would be possible to get an API function such as
  ExitProcess or PostQuitMessage and change the import table entry
  for it, to point to the virus exit.  The original relocation address
  can be replaced to point to the virus entry instead.  When an
  application quits, the virus will be run instead.  In this way
  the "Entry Point RVA" doesn't need to be modified to gain control
  during running of the program, which makes the task of virus detection
  very cumbersome because every entry point would have to be scanned.

  Memory Residence:
  The technique described above can be used to advantage as a sort of memory
  residence.  If a virus direct action infected KERNEL32.EXE and took
  control of the KERNEL function CreateProcessA, it could infect every
  file as it was executed.
  Using API functions such as GlobalAlloc could provide a means for proper
  memory allocation, or else modifying the 386 "Descriptor Tables" manually.

  All Win95 applications run at Ring-3.  At this level a program can't
  do such things as read/write to hardware ports directly.  Ring-0
  has full control of the system.  For information on how to gain Ring-0
  in Win31 get the file RING0.EXE from /softlib/MSLFILES on  The code in this small example is not truly
  applicable to win95.  It uses int 2f calls to modify descriptors, this
  is not possible under win95 as interrupts cannot be accessed.

  Real Mode:
  It could be possible to switch the processor back to real-mode using
  low-level instructions, and use interrupts from there.  This would
  require some hole in the win95 defense system...

  Vxd's existed under win31 and they still exist under win95.  Vxd's run
  at ring 0 and thus have as much access to the system as the kernel.
  Although safe guards are in place to stop vxd's from running rampant,
  a vxd can do just about anything it wants, including changing
  selectors and descriptor tables.  You can expect to see lots of
  information on vxd's in future.



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Virus Descriptions
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CLME Disasm
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