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Re: Parsing tenses and sumti tcita

I'll have to read this more carefully later, and in any case, it is John's
onus to respond regarding what IJ says.  But:

At the level you are looking, indeed, PU+KU and ZAhO+KU and PU+KOhA and
ZAhO+KOhA all parse "like a sumti".  Actually, they parse as a "term"
which is one level higher than a sumti, but that is trnasparent.  BAI/SE+BAI
also parse the same way.  The differences between BAI, PU, and ZAhO will
show up when you mix them together - they then will parse differently.
But in any case, the likeness of many thiings having identical parses
doesn not necessarily imply identical semantics.  All of the KOhAs are
parsed identically, but some are back-counting, seome are free, some are
bound, and some are elliptical.

What IS the case is that all of the "stag"+KU constructs have SOME
expansion of the form "stag"+sumti, which is then a tagged sumti, but there
should be no generalization about what type of expansion is warranted.