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Re: TEXT: The Terrifying Adventure of the Windmills.2

On adding aatitudinals to a translation:
Attitudinals are vital if you are translating conversation or people's
thought processes, OR, if what you are translating "loses something in the
translation" such that people might not necessarily read the emotions well.
The former two are the more significant.  Fluent conversational Lojban (and
presumably the thinking in Lojban that underlies it) will have lots of
attitudinals, and far more than is "necessary" for meaning.  I mean, i can
say something is funny, and it adds no semantics to laugh (or put in a zo'o)
but colloquial English speakers DO both laugh and make side comments in
response to humor.  In Lojban, the laugh is also a side comment, and hence
Lojban will have more words of emotional expression in a given text than
corresponding expression in another language.