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Greek and Latin name list

It looks like Matthew's getting the hang of this too!  Yes, And, {*neimz}
is an invalid delimiter because of the impermissible medial.  However, not
*all* of the names that Matthew found are actually invalid.  {atlas},
{glaukos}, and {platon} are all ok, because there the {la} is preceded by a
consonant, preventing it from breaking up.  I'm also not 100% sure that
{lau} is an invalidating syllable, since it can't fall apart into {la+u}
({lai}, of course, is invalidating).

But there's hope.  Thanks to some help from Kelley Salsbery, I've managed
to get onto MediaMOO and start programming things to improve the lojban
room. I have code now that soups up "posing" (doing things like "Mark waves
hello.") so that the automatically-prepended name now uses la'o .cmen.
<character-name> .cmen. by default, or you can make your own true cmene
either by setting the property on yourself or registering with the room via
a special command (in which case it uses la cmene).  I am working on
improvements to the latter code that will enable it to detect and reject
invalid cmene.  It seems to be pretty close to correct now.  We haven't yet
installed the code in the lojban room itself, but it's in another room.
The detector is really a big regular expression; I suppose I should code
one in portable code (maybe UNIX or C) and provide it as a service for
people like Nick! :)

Shoulsonianly?  Awww, I'm flattered.