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Re: TECH: possible sumti-raising place structures of the sisku

To Iain Alexander respond I thus:

#> binxo bix     bi'o become
#> x1 becomes/changes into x2 under conditions x3;
#> (cf. cenba, galfi, stika, zasni)                 2c 217
#This wasn't on your list, but I think I've seen someone use it
#with a property (e.g. {binxo loka blanu} for "turn blue"), and
#I'm not sure what the alternative is;  maybe {zenba}, but I don't
#find it very convincing;  maybe {cpacu}, although I don't remember
#anyone using it that way.  I believe I missed a discussion about
#{binxo} sometime before I joined the list (at the beginning of
#June 1992).  I don't think there's any hidden sumti-raising going
#on here, but there may be an option in the type of sumti.

Jim Carter uses binxo with a property in x2; if I recall the discussions
correctly, noone else was going along with it. I'd say something more like
co'a fasnu, but it is true the equivalent of binxo does take a predication
as an argument in formal logic. (It's how achievements are defined there).

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