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Re: possible sumti-raising place structures of the sisku variety

John says:
> > ckana bed x1 is a bed/pallet of material x2 for holding/supporting x3
> > (person/object/event) an 111 (cf. kamju, kicne, nilce, palta, cpana,
> > vreta, jubme, stizu, matci, zbepi)
> I don't understand "event" here.  How can an event be supported by a bed?

I imagine the idea is that a bed can be the locus for such events
as dying or hankypanky.

In the 1970s the 2nd edition of the American Heritage Dictionary
scandalized the delicate sensibilities of the American populace
by defining _bed_ as "a place for lovemaking". I believe the
dictionary had to be withdrawn from a number of school libraries.