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Re: TECH: possible sumti-raising place structures of the sisku variety

IA> > binxo bix     bi'o become
IA> > x1 becomes/changes into x2 under conditions x3;
IA> > (cf. cenba, galfi, stika, zasni)                 2c 217
IA> This wasn't on your list, but I think I've seen someone use it
IA> with a property (e.g. {binxo loka blanu} for "turn blue"), and
IA> I'm not sure what the alternative is;  maybe {zenba}, but I don't
IA> find it very convincing;  maybe {cpacu}, although I don't remember
IA> anyone using it that way.  I believe I missed a discussion about
IA> {binxo} sometime before I joined the list (at the beginning of
IA> June 1992).  I don't think there's any hidden sumti-raising going
IA> on here, but there may be an option in the type of sumti.

I just think the usage in question is wrong.  To turn blue is either
binxo le blanu, or perhaps binxo le ckaji be loka blanu
Probably the person in question meant the latter, which in effect makes it a
different kind of sumti raising - one we haven't ever really addressed.
Do we need to???