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Re: TECH: specifity & definiteness

> la kartyr. djim. cusku di'e
> >         le djatru fa kurji              The Lord will provide
> Er, how's that again?  "djatru" = "food-governor".  If that is supposed
> to represent English "hlaefweard" > "hlaford" > "lord", it's probably
> wrong: you need "nabybandu" or at most "djabandu".  If it means something
> else, I don't get it.  Anyhow, it's a lousy lujvo for "Lord", capital "L".
> In the same spirit, how about "mujytru"?

Should have been jdatru = lijda turni = religion ruler.  mujytru is
more realistic in the context.

> Also "fa" is Old Loglan; you want "ba", as in "balvi".

Oops!  I remember being unable to remember and therefore checking this,
but my brain must have scrambled on the way back to the message text.

                -- jimc