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Re: GEN: How Nick is faring

la nitcion. cusku di'e

> (Just to amplify: I've just done Aktionsarten in semantics (states,
> accomplishments, achievements), and I don't think they've been taught
> properly in Lojban, particularly as to their tense properties --- Dowty's
> tests etc. It'd be far more useful to describe these in the terms that
> they are described in formal semantics --- states are a kind of zasti,
> activities a kind of gasnu/zukte, achievements a kind of binxo, and
> accomplishments a kind of rinka. Thus djuno is a state, cadzu an activity,
> cirko an achievement, and bapli an accomplishment.)

This list looks a bit different from our NU list:  states, activities,
achievements, and processes.  Is it really the same thing?

Also, in Lojban any brivla can be realized as any event type: there is
le pu'u cadzu, le mu'e djuno, le za'i bapli, and all are perfectly

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