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MediaMOO and cmene

This is just a really quick note since I want to say these things now
before Monday, when I'll be able to read in my mail properly.

1) I didn't check all the cmene carefully, assuming that for something
official-looking you'd watch more, but come on, guys, {la vlad
*drakulas.}???  This is getting ridiculous.  I don't think there's any
major net-lojbanist who hasn't been caught on something like this at least
once.  Is the rule worth it?

2) MediaMOO.  As it just happens, I'd been playing MUDs (and MUSHes and
MUCKs), related systems to MOO for years now, and have also done a fair
amount of work on a MOO (I'm pretty good at the MOO programming language,
and in fact developed a system on a MOO (now defunct, of course) that
actually handled languages.  It enabled someone to speak in, say, lojban,
but really what would happen is that the plain (English) text would be
displayed normally to anyone who understood lojban, and lojban-looking
doubletalk would show to people who didn't.  It was also possible to
understand a language partially, and get maybe every nth word.  Anecdote:
the MOOO in question was Star-Trek based, and I had the Vulcans there
speaking gibberish generated from Volap"uk!  Somehow I think that the
Vulcans would like it.).  I'll try to get around to checking out MediaMOO
real soon (can I be a programmer?)

~mark / yndrd will be my name there.