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The lurkers are appearing

I was noting to John Cowan with pride the heightened activity these days
on Lojban List, and noted that we apparently are starting to drag the
lurkers out of the woodwork, since the actual number of Lojban List
subscribers is down slightly from a year ago.  Cowan expressed the
opinion that in spite of the increased traffic, it was still
approximately the same number of posters as ever.  Since I am going
through old mail, I did a quick check.  The following compares July 1992
with July 1993.  Note that activity wasn't all that low last year
either, since it was in July that we started discussing the ckafybarja
project and the rafsi retuning.  The following data DOES NOT include my
own postings, which are harder to identify in mail files since I don't
get a copy in my mailbox.

July 1992  ~70 subscribers

93 messages, 13 posters, 9 posting more than 1 message,
6 posting more than 5 messages: Iain Alexander(11), Mark S.(8), Nick(9),
Colin(20), Ivan(12), Cowan(21)

July 1-10(53): 10 posters/8 >1 message/6 >5 messages
July 11-20(12): 4 posters/2 >1 message/1 >5 messages
July 21-30(28): 9 posters/4 >1 message/2 >5 messages

July 1992  ~65 subscribers

295 messages: 26 posters, 17 posting more than 1 message,
14 posting more than 5 messages: Mark S.(10), Nick(16), Colin(44),
Cowan(36), Eric Rauch(9), And(39), Jorge(15), Chris H.(10), Frank Schulz(5),
Iain Alexander(10), Marnen(11), Rob Brady(7), Veijo(13)
(I believe 6 of these were not even subscribed last year at this time)

July 1-10(93): 15 posters/8 >1 message/4 >5 messages
July 11-20(63): 12 posters/10 >1 messgae/5 >5 messages
July 21-30(139): 23 posters/13 >1 message/9 >5 messages

I will let people reach their own conclusions.