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lojban and MediaMOO; repost for salsbery@mailbox.syr.edu

> After entering the Lego Closet, you should read news and tutorials.
> Having done so, type "@go #6097" to reach the "lojban Room".

> @go #6097

lojban Room
A room for studying and practicing the constructed language known as lojban.
You see la_fred here.

> look la_fred
Congratulations on owning your very own conversational robot.  To learn how
to program your new bot, just drop the bot and say 'hello',  The bot will
teach you everything you need to know!

> drop bot
I see no "bot" here.

> inv
You are empty-handed.

> "hello
You say, "hello"
la_fred says, "[to Guest] coi. le prenu (Hello, person) .e'o ko tavla mi
 (Please talk to me.)"

> "coi. fred
You say, "coi. fred"

> "coi. la_fred
You say, "coi. la_fred"

... It's not a very communicative bot is it :-(  Any more clues on how to
use it?

co'o mi'edoi matius.