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lojban and MediaMOO; repost for salsbery@mailbox.syr.edu

> Message 20:
> From salsbery@mailbox.syr.edu Fri Aug 27 16:33:52 1993
> To: lojbab@grebyn.com
> Cc: salsbery@mailbox.syr.edu
> Subject: lojban and MediaMOO
> Date: Fri, 27 Aug 93 16:32:12 -0400
> From: "Kelly J. Salsbery" <salsbery@mailbox.syr.edu>
> lojbab:
> Thanks again for your group and the associated listserv.  At some point
> I need to get around to ordering some lojban language learning materials
> from you.  This, however, may involve negotiating a payment schedule
> with you (due to my lowly poor grad student status).  in any case, that
> can wait until another time.
> I am writing to you in response to some posted comments concerning
> lojban and the use of IRC's.  I tried the IRC and the lojbot.  It's OK,
> but limited in many ways.  First, unless you have a client program, it
> is somewhat di difficult to get on the IRC.  Second, once you get there,
> there is usually significant net lag.  I do, however, think that the use
> of IRC for lojban language learning and conversation has merit.  I
> suggest that you investigate --More--
> usin one of the multi-user environments for this purpose.
> The best multi-user environments are called MOOs.  They support
> real-time communcation between users in the context of a text-based
> virtual environment.  The MediaMOO is a multi-user environment which is
> dedicated to media research (specifically issues associated with
> text-based virtual environments).  They have a very broad construal of
> media research, and so it seems clear that research involving language
> learning on a MOO would  qualify.
> In light of this, I have created a "room" on the MediaMOO devoted to
> the use and study of lojban.  I invite you and any other lojban students
> to connect to the MediaMOO and use this room.  I would further encourage
> you to register to get a character (account) on this MOO.
> To get to the MediaMOO:
> type: telnet purple-crayon.media.mit.edu 8888
> (If this doesn't work, use port 7777.)
> --More--
> Then type : connect Guest
> After entering the Lego Closet, you should read news and tutorials.
> Having done so, type "@go #6097" to reach the "lojban Room".
> If this is sounds good, feel free to post this.  If not, you may
> disregard it.
> Have fun!
> --Kelly S.
> salsbery@mailbox.syr.edu