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Re: TECH: Nec (Was: QUERY: quantifier scope & cumki)

la djan. kau,n. cusku di'e

> Ah, but you've been caught by the sting in the tail, namely that
> nec (a = a .implies. nec a = a) is a theorem, or in plain English,
> "Identity holds necessarily if it holds at all".  So nec 9 = #-of-planets.
> This takes us right into the theory of rigid and non-rigid designators,
> and all kinds of related grief.  Quine dumps this by just saying that Nec
> is a sentence operator which applies to quoted sentences.  This limits you
> in the inferences you can make, but it also prevents nonsense.

It looks like I'm getting rapidly out of my depth here, at least
for the time being.  I shall simply reserve my right to choose
my own axioms. :)

ca banzu

fe'o mi'e .i,n.