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Re: A nice mistake in the cmavo list.

la xorxes. cusku di'e

> I know I promised not to talk anymore about this, but please have a
> look at the definitions of caba'o and capu'o in the new cmavo list. :)
> Obviously, whoever wrote it thinks like me. :)

"Define in haste, repent at leisure."  I had removed from the cmavo list
the compound tenses involving "ca", since they no longer meant anything.
In earlier versions of tense semantics, "capu" and the like were perfective,
but with the firm establishment of aorist tense semantics, "capu" and "puca"
are just "pu".

Lojbab, however, wanted to restore entries that would mean the same thing
under the new semantics, so we discussed it briefly (too briefly) and changed
"capu" to "capu'o", etc.  Of course, that was the Wrong Thing.

When some ladies asked Dr. Johnson why he defined "pastern" as "the knee of
a horse", he replied, "Ignorance, sheer ignorance."

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