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TECH: attitudinal contours

In the process of (re)writing the attitudinal paper, I have decided to
adopt a cmavo for attitudinal contours.  It is "vu'o", with definition
"start emotion - continue emotion - end emotion".  Typical uses:

        o'onai vu'o
        [anger!] [start emotion]
        I'm getting angry!

        .iu vu'onai .uinai
        [love!] [end emotion] [unhappy!]
        I no longer love you, sadly.

These forms are not as precisely defined as the ZAhOs: it is vague whether
"vu'o" is the inchoative or the initiative, whether "vu'ocu'i" is the
continuitive or the achievative, and whether "vu'onai" is the cessitive,
completitive, perfective, or superfective.  "vu'onai" and "vu'o" could even
be the pausitive and resumptive, respectively.

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