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Re: spuda le nu co'u casnu

> I was a little overstating the case. Much of the
> discussion is interesting, though I cannot be
> bothered with it all.  But any time I see you
> talking about the assignment of pu'o and ba'o,
> I reach for the delete key. Their original assignment
> was done for a reason. It may or may not be 'wrong'
> by the standards of the current language. But they're
> baselined and it's a dead issue. Please give up trying
> to prove otherwise.
>         Colin

Ok, I'll stop talking about what I see as a confusing
assignment, if everyone agrees that it's not worth discussing.
There's plenty to talk on the sumtcita semantics, anyway.


(This time you should get only one copy, sorry about the
double copies before.)