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Re: Veijo once more on ZAhOs

> Date:          Thu, 19 Aug 1993 11:57:58 -0400
> From:          John Cowan <snark!cowan%GVLS1.VFL.PARAMAX.COM@FINHUTC.hut.fi>
> Subject:       Re: Veijo once more on ZAhOs

> la veion. cusku di'e
> >   Actually I could have TWO PUs
> >   to describe a continuation of the journey from the "ca" at which I am.
> >   These would then define both the position and the extent of the ba'o citka
> >   event.
> This part is wrong, I think, but I may not understand.  The extent of an
> event is expressed by ZEhA, with a possible following PU to indicate the
> anchorage of the interval (past justified, future justified, or centered).
   You are right, of course. This was a last minute addition of a half
   formed thought before running for the train. One ought to avoid
   this kind of impatience. Sorry for wasting bandwidth.


 Veijo Vilva       vilva@viikki21.helsinki.fi