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TEXT: Re: TEXT: Imagist

>Date:         Tue, 17 Aug 1993 22:12:45 EDT
>From: Logical Language Group <lojbab%GREBYN.COM@CUVMB.CC.COLUMBIA.EDU>
>X-To:         C.J.Fine@BRADFORD.AC.UK
>X-Cc:         lojban@cuvmb.cc.columbia.edu

>At the moment /n/ is not permitted as the hyphen when 'r' is legal.  There
>isn't that much reason why this is the rule, except that it makes for less
>choices, and on the whole the lujvo-making algoirthm is slanted towards
>avoiding choices at that level - it is hard enough to choose between rafsi
>when yoyu have different syllable shapes.

While on the topic of n/r hyphens, I recently saw the word "jboxemrmri" go
by, corrected to "jboxelmri".  I have no problem with the second form, but
I should point out that the first form, taking "xem" as the rafsi of "xe",
is not a lujvo, but a le'avla.  To bridge impermissable medials in lujvo,
you must use {y}, yielding "jboxemymri".  n and r are used in lujvo as glue
to make consonant clusters if otherwise there wouldn't be one, not
hyphenate between consonants.  Le'avla, which aren't permitted the use of
{y}, use vocalic r and n for consonantal hypenation, particularly between
the initial rafsi and the borrowing (or subsequent header-rafsi).