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Re: TEXT: Re: TEXT: Imagist

And asks:

 > .u'uro'e do na.e mi srera

How does "na.e" work?
pau ma srera

do na.e mi srera
do na srera .i je mi srera

 > .i nu'i mi fo lo purci nu'u .e do fo lo balvi cu srera

dihu cu zabna se cusku
ckire ko tu'a di'u

 "We were at a loose end, so I decided to explain to her that grammar
is monostratal." This is not justification, but at the same time
it is not explaining the workings; rather, it is making an assertion
in a way that explains the grounds for that assertion. There is a
didactic element. One gets the reader to understand the assertion
as it is being asserted, by the characterstics of the assertion.
You're right. When I started writing my essay on 'explain' I though
there were three meanings, but I lost one of them somewhere.
This one is something like 'tcilysku' (Detail express) or
'selja'esku' (cause of result express).