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Re: Smoking (Was: Some how do you say it's)

And continues:
  So not only do
I regard tankypli as adequate, I also regard it as entirely

I think we'd best agree to disagree. I will probably understand
your tankypli, but will probably not use it.

These are also okay, though a bit more verbose. It is better as
a lujvo, since as a tanru a prohibition on tanko danmo vasxu
might be taken as a prohibition on inhalation, which some
smokers do not do anyway.
I agree. I prefer the lujvo (it's unusually pleasant to find a
3-term lujvo that needs no glue).
I suggested that the prohibition generally really means

no da vi sigdanmo

(though tankydanmo is even more appropriate)

I would keep "tankypli" for tobacco consumption in general,
and use "sigdamvaho" to translate English "drag" and "toke"
(as in "give us a toke on your spliff"). "Spliff" presumably
is a hemp plesigja. (I thought there was a gismu for hemp,
but I seem to be mistaken.)

that's "sigdamva'u".

 marna              hem          x1 is a quantity of hemp/marijuana/jute of spec