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Re: TEXT: Re: TEXT: Imagist

At the moment /n/ is not permitted as the hyphen when 'r' is legal.  There
isn't that much reason why this is the rule, except that it makes for less
choices, and on the whole the lujvo-making algoirthm is slanted towards
avoiding choices at that level - it is hard enough to choose between rafsi
when yoyu have different syllable shapes.

There are many different allomorphs, as some people have often complained.
One virtue of them is that you have longer forms when the noise level makes
a shorter form difficult to hear.  But /r/n hyphen alternation is not an
allomorph that enhances redundancy - it just makes for one more subjective

As to the reactions of the lurkers, some who have communicated with me
seem impressed, but several people have signed off the list in the last
couple of weeks, and a lot of people are on vacation.  If this continues
into the school year it is likely to make more of an impression.  On the other
hands several people have said that they can't keep up with the traffic level
that is cuurently manifesting (I'm still at the beginning of July on my mail
review - not een at LogFest yet, so I'm not one to talk).

I think it is good, and enhances the credibility of the language.