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Re: Still a few thoughts about ZAhOs

ca'o spuda la djan

> > Presumably, Paul's coming to damascus has long ago _left_ its ba'o stage
> > or is all this "immediate relevance to the present" that we've been assuming
> > unwarranted?
> I don't know whether it's warranted or not (Bob Chassell would argue not).

I guess this means that it's left to individual taste?

> But in any event, that particular {nunklama} is certainly relevant to the
> present: the current war in Bosnia would hardly exist without it!

I'm still not convinced:

{la paul ba'o klama la damaskus ca le nu cabna jamna}

I don't like this use of ba'o, but maybe it's correct. I prefer to use it
when the fact that the going is over is relevant, not simply when it is true.