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Re: Rob's signoff

la kolin. cusku di'e

> There is a way of saying 'dot' in Lojban - you need something in selma'o
> BY, and you have the word 'bu' which converts anything to a lerfu
> (something functional equivalent to a BY).
> I think the quasi-official lojban for a dot is "denpa bu" (pause lerfu) -
> I saw a draft of a lerfu paper last year.
> Unfortunately, this still won't do in your context, because lerfu
> can be used either as (pro-)sumti or (after vei) in MEX.

I suggest "me me'o denpa bu se'isni", which is a "pause-letter type-of
signature".  "me'o" can be prefixed to a bunch of lerfu words in the
sense of "the character (string) ...".

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