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Re: Rob's signoff

Rob expostulates:
 I also wanted to be able to say
dot-se'isni.. pi'e is within the PA  group, but I think it is definitely not
a number in the sense that we mean  english (whereas a decimal  point can be
thought oof as a number (but not the slash/dash in a  date)). What I really
wanted to say was 'period', or 78th ascii character, or something like that
but lojban, like non-computer english is lacking in things of this nature.

As so often, I've pointed out an error without suggesting a solution.
u'u ro'a

As you say, pi'e is in selma'o PA and thus (in this context) acts as a
There is a way of saying 'dot' in Lojban - you need something in selma'o
BY, and you have the word 'bu' which converts anything to a lerfu
(something functional equivalent to a BY).
I think the quasi-official lojban for a dot is "denpa bu" (pause lerfu) -
I saw a draft of a lerfu paper last year.

Unfortunately, this still won't do in your context, because lerfu
can be used either as (pro-)sumti or (after vei) in MEX.  I don't
think there is a way to do it grammatically, and you're going to
have to use error quotes (lo'u).
In which case, what's inside doesn't have to be valid lojban,
and you can use pi'e if you like - I still wouldn't recommend it,
because pi'e does not have a standard character representation.

I suggest
.i lo'u denpa bu se'isnu le'u tcika le datnyvro be dei

datnyvro???? Data door (between something and something in
some structure?)

  .i le raktu be do  cu jibre mi
Should be 'jibri'

co'omi'e kolin