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Re: ZAhO tenses

> Date:          Tue, 3 Aug 1993 23:18:55 EDT
> From:          Logical Language Group <lojbab%GREBYN.COM@FINHUTC.hut.fi>
> Subject:       ZAhO tenses

la lojbab. cusku di'e

> I would assume that if we were to consider reversing ba'o and pu'o, that they
> could no longer be interpeted consistently with the other ZAhOs.

   I find the present assignment quite straight forward and
   (perhaps ignoring some subtleties) consider

     mi pu'o broda     =   mi purci le nu mi broda
     mi pu pu'o broda  =   mi pu purci le nu mi broda

     mi ba'o broda     =   mi balvi le nu mi broda

   co'o mi'e veion


 Veijo Vilva       vilva@viikki21.helsinki.fi