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ZAhO example (short)

Another ZAhO example:

A group of boosters is trying to set up a Massachusetts Museum of
Contemporary Art in a former mill building in a mill town in the north
western part of the state.

This project is definitively in an "inchoative" state {pu'o}. ....and
there is no way you could translate the state into a sort of future
tense.  No one knows if the museum will get started.  The backers have
gone through more perils than Pauline.  Will the (conservative,
tightwad) state government extend its deadline for providing part of
the money?  Will the Guggenheim museum operate the museum (at this
time, no)?   Will another consortia of museums come to the rescue?  ....?

The only veridical claim you can make is that this project is in the
time that the backers hope is leading up to a start up.

In this case, there is no way you can make a translation that focuses
on the operation of the process/event (the hoped for future); an
accurate translation must focus on the current inchoative state.

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