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Re: Jorge's text (Was: On the tense system of ZAhO)

> > For myself I would use mu'i rather than sebai anyway -
> > I believe your intent is to explain WHY you're not translating
> > it, whereas what you' ve said is that you're not translating
> > it, compelling ....
> That's what I meant! Hence the uunai. (Which does not mean non-regret,
> but cruelty.)
> Is it really what you meant?
> An English gloss would be
> "I am not translating it and you will find that as hard as I find it to write"
> which would still be true if you were to add
>  "i je mi na djica le nu do se nandu"
I was thinking of:

"I am not translating it, which compels the fact that the difficulty of your
understaning what I wrote will equal that of my writing it. (And I'm not sorry
about it)"

(ie I was trying to be cruel, hoping that I'd be forgiven anyway, but I
didn't say this last bit.)