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Re: Jorge's text (Was: On the tense system of ZAhO)

Colin, thanks a lot for the comments. (At least someone read it!)

> Jorge, you said:
> >i uunai mi na fanva sebai le nu rodo se nandu le nu jimpe dei
> >du'i le nu mi ciska dei
> After a little effort I realised you meant
> "I'm not translating this so that you have the same difficulty
> understanding this as I have writing it"
> Unfortunately, that's not what it means.
> The problem is that 'na' is a bridi-negator, and 'sebai' is
> inside the bridi.

You are absolutely right. I realized this on my way home yesterday,
but it was too late to change it.

> 1) use na'e, whose scope is the selbri only

This is what I should have used.

> Furthermore (as I said to
> Rob) I don't believe ciska is appropriate.

I was conscious of that, but I couldn't remember what was the appropriate
word. I find the idea of inscribing on the screen appealing, though.

> For myself I would use mu'i rather than sebai anyway -
> I believe your intent is to explain WHY you're not translating
> it, whereas what you' ve said is that you're not translating
> it, compelling ....

That's what I meant! Hence the uunai. (Which does not mean non-regret,
but cruelty.)