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Re: ZAhO tenses

> One thing to bear in mind in thinking about ZAhO tenses is that there are
> a lot more than just pu'o and ba'o, and they all revolve around the paradigm
> of thinking of the selbri as an event, and then putting the speaker or
> reference point relative to that event with the ZAhO.  Some of these other
> ZAhO tenses are not symmetric.  In particular, the ones regarding completion,
> and za'o itself do not have a complete set of corresponding contours at the
> beginning of the event (super-inchoative =? starting too soon).

A member of ZAhO for "started to soon" doesn't sound that usefull, but one
for "started late" would get a lot of use given the usual situation at the
meetings, plays, concerts, and events I attend. :-(

Mark Biggar