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Re: TECH: anniversary

Please check the latest revision of citsi - I think I sent you the gismu list
after I revised it.  But I specifically have made it clear that multiyear
anniversaries can also be covered as a non-default, and annual anniversaries
are clearly within the normal default of the place structure.

The place structure I have right now is:
citsi              season                                    x1 is a season/is
 seasonal [cyclical interval], defined by interval/property x2, of year(s) x3
 3e  15    [also anniversary, jubilee; the period of time may be short or long
 as indicated b
y x2, and may occur every year or every nth year as indicated by x3 (default
 every year); (x2 and/or x3 may need metaphorical restriction: djecitsi,
 pavdeicitsi; also equinox, solstice, time of year]; (cf. cedra, crisa, critu,
 dunra, ranji, temci, ve