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TECH: anniversary

I'm going through new lujvo these days, and have foundered on the concept of
anniversary. I'm not happy with And's {kratentei}, and I suggest, for

tembavtei: t1(1)=t2(3) t1(2) t1(3) b2 t(2)2.

To elucidate: consider the Mahler Centenary Year in 2010, commemorating his
death in 1910. With my proposed lujvo, I seem to capture the place structure
And desired, namely:

 x1 is a period of time of type x2
      x3 units of time of type x4 after inception of x5

le la maler. nanca la 1pi'e1pi'e2010nan. la 31pi'e12pi'e2010nan. lenu la maler.
co'a morsi kei la 1910nan.

Mahler year, from 2010/1/1 to 2010/12/31, is the anniversary of Mahler's death
in 1910.

(thence tembavnanca, tembavdei, etc);

detkrefu (from the Esperanto datreveno): k1 k2=d1 d2 k3

le la maler. nanca la ny.pi'e my.pi'e (Date of death) detkrefu lenu la maler.
co'a morsi kei li 100

Mahler year, is the 100th anniversary of Mahler's death on x/y (but the detri
x/y is unhelpful, and we don't know what there has been a hundred of between
the death and 2010, though putting in "le la maler. nanca la nypi'emypi'e
1910nan. cu detkrefu" is better.

bavytemkrefu: k1 t1 b2 k3

Much better in place structure, though its semantics is vague: x is the w-th
time that there has been a time of duration y after event z. It has to be
taken as implicit that these times of duration y are contiguous.

le la maler. nanca lo nanca be li pa cu bavytemkrefu lenu la maler. co'a morsi
kei li 100

Mahler year is the 100th anniversary of a year of Mahler's death.

This coining is the one I'd gravitate to, but it omits And's duration of
the anniversary. I think something like bavytemkrefu salcytei will do the
trick, given a modification of salci from just celebration towards
commemoration (as Lojbab seems to have already implied). In that case,
the duration of the anniversary can be part of the place structure of
salcytei. Alternatively, the rather messy lujvo:

bavytemkrefytei: t1(1)=k1 t1(2) t1(3) t2(1) b2 k3

le la maler. masti la 1pi'e7pi'e2010nan. la 31pi'e7'e2010nan. cu
bavytemkrefytei lo nanca lenu la maler. co'a morsi kei li 100

Mahler month, starting 2010-7-1, ending 2010-7-31 is the 100th anniversary
of a year of Mahler's death.

For more practical contexts, of course, things like:

bavytemkrefymasti: m1 t1 b2 k3 m3

are possible: le la maler. masti cu bavytemkrefymasti lo nanca be li pa
lenu la maler. co'a morsi kei li 100

Mahler month is the 100th anniversary month of a year of Mahler's death.

If we now swallow into the lujvo that troublesome "lo nanca be li pa",
we get something long, but with the place structure we'd want:

bavyna'arefmasti (after-year-recurring-month: the month of the recurring years
after...): m1 b2 k3 m3

le la maler masti cu bavyna'arefmasti lenu la maler. co'a morsi kei li 100

Mahler month is the 100th annual-anniversary of Mahler's death.

I think this last lujvo, which is what we usually mean by "anniversary",
and its much more general counterpart bavytemkrefu, are the way to go; I'd
appreciate comments.

Incidentally, the use of krefu to denote anniversaries, or editions
(particularly of newspapers/magazines) may indicate it's worth broadening
the current definition of "krefu".

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