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Re: TECH: anniversary

Nick says:
> I'm going through new lujvo these days, and have foundered on the concept of
> anniversary. I'm not happy with And's {kratentei}, and I suggest, for
> comment:
> tembavtei: t1(1)=t2(3) t1(2) t1(3) b2 t(2)2.

We now have citsi, so I won't comment further on your suggestions,
but I do note that one reason to be unhappy with "kratentei" is
that it was intened to be krasi zei te temci, in which case it
ought to be "kratertei". I had thought (- well I didn't think -
I jumped unthinkingly to a conclusion) that one just glued on
the SE cmavo using any of the available glue (hyphen) consonants
& hadn't realized they had their own rafsi.

There is, incidentally, a staggering difference between the gismu
list recently advertised as being on the PLS and the list I'd been
using (dated Jan 1989). I urge anyone who hasn't, to update
their gismu lists.

Also, my list says the rafsi have been baselined, which is
news to me. I'd thought that suggestions for reassignment of
rafsi were still legit, but apparently not.