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Re: TEXT: Real Life

Colin Fine <C.J.Fine@bradford.ac.uk> says

> seminde is illegal -  either two words se minde or a lujvo selminde
> 'le lo'u PATH le'u skami selminde' means 'le skami selminde pe lo'u PATH le'u'
> I'm not clear whether you meant that or not.
I meant 'se minde' to (perhaps selminde) to imply something that takes
commands, ie a command interpreter.
Also I meant command-interpreter-variable to mean environment variable.

> Words: vamji is about being valuable.
I was trying of course to come up with a word for value - something which can
be either a number or a string or some other concept (such as object). The
reason I said varying-value (or tried to say) was to seperate it from a
constant-value. Additionally I didn't use data-container since that seemed
to imply the physical memory, or perhaps a device. I was thinking about
combinations of data-at-label-location which would be reminiscent of what
is actually happening in the computer with label-location & location meaning
other related things.

I lost the line, but I also used ciska incorrectly. I was trying to say
the typed-command. I am missing something though. What am I doing right now?
(ie typing e-mail) I would say 'mi ciska le skama xatra' even though that
cannot be taken literally at all. (I won't mention the missing gismu for
"electronics" :) )..

Rob Brady                               rpb@panix.com
            Sin mar a bhfuil an sce'al