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Re: Color words (was: Re: comments on the batch of lujvo et

There is more to carmi than its use on colors.  In answer to another question,
the difference between carmi and mutce is evident in the place structure.
The former is intensity of some property measured/detected by an observe
at a specific locus, the latter is a generalized degree of extremity that
is presumably independent of observer/position (though you could stick both
in as additional places on mutce if you wanted to).  Actually, come to think of

it, its just the observer and not the locus, but the
same point holds.
Saturation is just one such property, the one that is implied when it is used
to modify colors.  "saturation", even if most people knew what it meant, wou
not be the appropriate keyword when used to talk about emotions (for which
carmi is related to "cai" which was derived from it).

I suspect that kandi is usable for pastel colors.

I don;t pretend to understand much about the science of colors, except to
know that it was intensely discussed in 1976-7  in The Loglanist and served
to turn a lot of people off to Loglan.  We need a system that people intutively
can understand - whether it is right is incidental.  The current color system
can be understood if explained - relying on keywords to do much of anything in
Lojban other than learn the gismu and similar memory-hook applications
VERY risky.