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h vs '

I'd like to make it clear that the "''" problem is not a "bug" in unix.
The problem is that  unix was written in New Jersey, where they speak English.
English speaking cultures (and most others) have this concept calLed
alphanumeric . Lojban apparently has no such concept.

I don't mean to sound snide (above) but what is the reason for not using
an alphabetic character for the ' sound (or lack thereof). Since you have
already defined a phonology different from English why isn't is possible to
say that "h" is either the sound usually spoken as "h" in english, or simply
no sound (or whatever the proper definition is). It would certainly make
many things (not just unix) in the computer world easier, such as every
programming language I've ever used.

Rob Brady                               rpb@panix.com
            Sin mar a bhfuil an sce'al