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Re: Lujvo/Le'avla proposals for Lojbab

la kartyr. djim. cusku di'e

> Essential features in the concept are:  (1) a message; a statement of
> what is true.  (2) Authoritative status, that is, some recipient is
> expected to believe the message because it is presented in the form of
> this document.  This is called a "performative statement".  (3) Maybe
> a sender.  All messages have senders (I think).  But this place is
> clearly less important, and for -gua!spi I chose to handle it by a
> modal phrase, if anyone needed it.

This sounds like a mild extension of "jusra":

        x1 is a passport issued to x2 (person) by authority x3
                allowing x4 (activity)

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