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Re: response to jimc on -mei

la .kris. xandlis. cusku di'e

> Had a sudden thought. If all fractions are (ipso facto) base 10, how do we
> easily talk about 1/3, 1/7 and the rest. Even the others (1/2 etc) would
> change if someone habitually thought in a different base (I can certainly
> make a good case for .1 being a half, a less good case for .8 and a
> plausible one for .6).

You can set the base explicitly using the operator "ju'u":

        vei pibi ju'u paxa [ve'o] prenu
        ( .8 base 16 ) persons

You can express rational numbers with the fraction-bar cmavo "fi'u", which is
a digit (not an operator):

        fi'uci prenu
        /3 persons

where the numerator defaults to 1.

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