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TECH: new ZAhO suggestion

I want to argue for a new ZAhO word.

[ZAhO are 'event contours' such as "co'a" (initiative) or "ba'o"
(perfective) - see 'Imaginary Journeys', s. 10]

The idea I want to express is 'so far' or 'up to'

For example

        I've made three pots so far

        I waited until 7 pm

        They hadn't got there by the time we left

Like most uses of ZAhO, it is possible to get round these more or less
with combinations of PU and jeks, but they don't really do what's wanted:

        mi denpa pujenaiba li paso      I waited before-&-not-after 7
        mi denpa caze'apu li paso       I waited a-medium-period-extending
                                        into the past from 7

Neither of these get over the idea that this is a point in a possibly
continuing process, such that we are focussing on the whole of the process
up to that point.

I suggest "xa'o" for this sense - I can't think of a snappy keyword for
it, though.


        mi caxa'o zbasu le ci patxu
        mi caxa'o cimei patxu zbasu)

        mi denpa xa'o li paso
                (Note that this one may not continue after the point -
                I don't think that xa'o definitely implies that it does
                so, merely that it might - it's part of a continuing
                process, that is neither complete nor necessarily stopped).

        ko'a na'exa'o klama co'a lenu mi cliva
                (I'm not certain about this one!)

Also usable for ages:

        mi xa'o nanca li cizepini'uso'o
        (I up-to-now) am-in-years the-number 37-point-minus-a-bit

                Any comments?