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Re: TECH: new ZAhO suggestion

I interpret Colin's xaho as involving the following bits of meaning:

(1) referring to an initial portion (not point) of a (telic) event


(2) referring to an initial portion of an atelic event, such that the
portion referred to may in fact constitute the entire event.

Or, more generally, the meaning refers to an event that is initially
bounded, but not specified for whether it is finally bounded.

Perhaps this could be loosened up to refer to any atelic portion
of an event, in which case what we get is simply imperfective
aspect. But note that in Colin's example

        I've made three pots so far

"making 3 pots" is viewed as a portion of a larger event. In English
_I am making 3 pots_, which is also imperfective, one is referring
to a portion of the event of making 3 pots.

> Also usable for ages:
>         mi xa'o nanca li cizepini'uso'o
>         (I up-to-now) am-in-years the-number 37-point-minus-a-bit


          He 'live' 20 yrs
  - perfective: 'he lived for only 20 yrs'
  - imperfective-A: 'he lived for at least 20 yrs'
  - imperfective-B+perfective: 'he is in the middle of a life of 20
                                years' duration'
  - imperfective-B+imperfective-A: 'he is in the middle of a 20-year portion
                                    of his life'


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