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Honeymoon Photos of Oakhurst

      In March 2003, my wife and I traveled to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park for our honeymoon. While we were staying at Yosemite, we took an afternoon to drive to nearby Oakhurst, California--former home of Sierra On-Line, creators of the Space Quest series. In case anyone might be interested, I've posted some photos taken in Oakhurst below--including shots of the former Sierra building pictured at the end of Space Quest 3 and, of course, the World Famous Talking Bear. Enjoy!

Welcome to Oakhurst

Me, being welcomed to Oakhurst by a friendly city-limits sign.

Sierra On-Line

You might recognize the former Sierra On-Line building; it's where
Roger dropped off the Two Guys from Andromeda at the end of SQ3. It's
also the source of quite of a few of the finest adventure games ever made.

The World Famous Talking Bear

Grr! It's the World Famous Talking Bear! On the right.

The Half-Dome

Check out the mad photography skillz, yo. It's the Sierra Half-Dome, one
of Yosemite's most famous sights and the basis for the classic Sierra logo.


Okay, this one is actually from San Francisco. It's me
in front of a ship name the Eureka. I couldn't resist. <g>

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