Akai S2000/S3000/S900 Disk Image Editor
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Page Last Updated 08/01/06

- FAQ -

Q: How do I back up an S900/S2000 floppy disk?
A: If you're using linux and have a recent version of fdutils installed, you can always use s2kdie.

The commands after running the script to back up an S900 floppy disk would be:
Command: LOAD -S900
Command: SAVE imagefile

For an S2/3K it would be the same, but simply LOAD instead of LOAD -S900.

If you want to do it without the script, first you need to set some floppy drive parameters.

setfdprm /dev/fd0 sect=5 dd ssize=1024 cyl=80 (for S900/S950)
setfdprm /dev/fd0 sect=10 hd ssize=1024 cyl=80 (for S2/3000)

Then you can simply "cat /dev/fd0 > imagefile" or vice versa to restore the image "cat imagefile > /dev/fd0"

Q: Do you have the S900 operating system upgrade disk?
A: After a long time searching, yes! It's available on the main s2kdie page.

Q: I get errors trying to read/write floppies under linux and with teledisk.
A: Best results are achieved using the oldest hardware you can get your hands on, I recently put a new floppy drive in my linux machine and s2kdie stopped working. I put the old one in and all was well. The same can be said for Teledisk which also works better under an ancient environment.

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