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Re: How to start?

>         Greetings All,

coi djan

>                       I'm newbie here, so help me out.  I'm primed
> and ready to begin learning Lojban, with fluency as my goal.

Great! We need more people like you.

> What materials do I need to start, where are they, how much
> will they cost, and how do I get them?  I've some knowledge of
> Loglan, and I  have L-1 and L-4&5, but I assume that these are useless.

I read L-1 when I was starting to learn Lojban and it helps to give
you a general idea about what the language is about, but for the
vocabulary and the details of the grammar I guess it is not that useful.

> I've devoured the mini-lesson from the WWW page, and I have
> the primitives list on my hard-drive.  I have some kind of order
> form that I also printed off the
> WWW page, but it doesn't say what is in the packages, nor the price.
> I'm especially interested in any IBM compat. software.

I don't know much about that. I think Logflash is the only thing
that you can't get from the ftp-site (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
(Personally I don't much like the idea behind Logflash, i.e. learning
English keywords for Lojban words. Much better to dissociate the
Lojban words from any English keyword, but that's just my opinion.)

The best way to learn, I think, is to try to read and write as much
Lojban as you can, even if it takes a lot of time at first, it does
get easier with practice. Start with simple sentences and send them
to the list if you like.

>         A question: to whom is this post being sent?

The Lojban list.

> And to whom do I refer questions about the
> language when I get started learning?

Here! There haven't been that many questions from newbies lately,
for some reason. (Maybe some people have been overwhelming the list
with too much bull^C^C^C^Ctheoretical discussions.  :)

> Thanks for the help, and I hope to be
>  writing in Lojban
> soon (well, comparitively soon :-)!

i ui a'o go'i

co'o mi'e xorxes