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How to start?

        Greetings All,

I'm newbie here, so help me out.  I'm primed and ready to begin learning
Lojban, with fluency as my goal.  What materials do I need to start,
where are they, how much will they cost, and how do I get them?  I've
some knowledge of Loglan, and I have L-1 and L-4&5, but I assume that
these are useless.  I've devoured the mini-lesson from the WWW page, and
I have the primitives list on my hard-drive.  I have some kind of order
form that I also printed off the WWW page, but it doesn't say what is in
the packages, nor the price.  I'm especially interested in any IBM
compat. software.

A question:  to whom is this post being sent?  And to whom do I refer
que stions about the language when I get started learning?  Thanks for
the help, and I hope to be writing in Lojban soon (well, comparitively
soon :-)!
                                                        John McClellion

From: Bob LeChevalier <lojbab@access.digex.net> 
To: jmcclel@globalmail.globalvision.net
Subject: Re:  How to start?

There are around 95 subscribers to Lojban List, most of whom are also on
our paper mailing list.  I also sent you the long Diagrammed Summary of
Lojban Grammar, which is the logical next thing after the minilesson.
There iss also a reference grammar and a draft textbook available on the
ftp site and probably also via the www page.

By all means ask questions about the language to Lojban List, and people
will probably be quick to answer.

Your knowledge of Loglan is not useless - take what you know of the
grammar and substitute corresponding words from the Lojban word lists,
and what you have will almost certainly be correct or very close to it.

The ftp site has an unapproved list of word correspondences between
Lojban and TLI Loglan.

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