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Re: Tech: Summary of proposals

>> Among my missing favorites is a word for just one of the meanings of
>> the English "any":
>> "One, no matter which, of more than two."
>> This is definition (1) from a current edition of a collegiate
>> Websters.  I am too busy to participate in deliberations on this issue,
>> but I can't miss the opportunity to let this be voted on on its own
>> merits.
>But surely we need to know what its merits are, first?


Thanks for your interest.  I can't advocate the proposal at this time
due to time constraints but do you remember:

Choose *any card.
Bring *any sandwich.
Direct translation of one of the meanings of any or cualquiera.

I regard predicate calculus, and hence lojban, as abstract european
speech, and I think we should honor the connection, even as we build in
grammar alternatives which accomodate the majority in the world.

As I recall it this proposal is a slightly altered version of one first
put forth by you and jorge.

All the best,