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Re: TECH: Summary of proposals...

la djer cusku di'e
> Among my missing favorites is a word for just one of the meanings of
> the English "any":
> "One, no matter which, of more than two."
> This is definition (1) from a current edition of a collegiate
> Websters.

That'd be good old {xe'e}.  I didn't include it because pc didn't like
it and I don't feel like trying to defend it again.  Personally, I will
use {lo'e} and {le'e} where it would be needed, but not everyone likes
that solution.

Anyway, I will add it to the list:

    A-6.  Add xe'e in selma'o PA as the "any" quantifier.
          (WARNING: Not to be used mindlessly to translate each
          and every use of English "any"!)

> I am too busy to participate in deliberations on this issue,
> but I can't miss the opportunity to let this be voted on on its own
> merits.

Without a strong lobby, I'm afraid it has little chance of passing.