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Tutear (anyone wanna make some lujvo???)

I'm not so sure we really need a lujvo for tutoyer, for my money.  It is,
after all, a word specifically related to a linguistic construction that
lojban doesn't share.  There's no shame in using more elaborate
constructions, like bridi.  English does just dandy with "address as/call
'tu'" when talking about it in another language (as it just about always
has to--as would lojban).  What's wrong with "te cmene fi zoi .fy. tu
.fy."?  Apart maybe from a bad choice of brivla.  Even the foreign
quotation is right, since after all, that's what we're talking about!
Perhaps we can find a scale to describe the word, maybe a "no'e" on some
scale, or something with jikca, but generally that only needs to be done
when first explaining the concept (as in textbooks for French written for

The corresponding concept to vous/tu in lojban is probably the use of
ga'i/ga'icu'i/ga'inai and may .io/.iocu'i/.ionai.  You could probably use
some really nifty stuff with the sympathy attitudinal (is it "dai"?) now,
such as {ko tavla mi ga'icu'idai} for "talk to me informally".  Or maybe
{ko tavla mi .i'idai} or some such.